A Lighthouse Teacher

This is the Cabo Polonio Lighthouse. It stands 85 feet tall and it is located on a hamlet on the eastern coast of Uruguay. As you may already know, every lighthouse has a story. Even if not associated with a remarkable life-saving tale or a fascinating urban legend, every lighthouse has guided and warned mariners … More A Lighthouse Teacher

Saving Starfish

Pictured above is one of the lighthouses in my collection. It is one of my favorites not only because it is decorated with a beach theme (I’m an island boy at heart), but because it was given to me by my middle son, Joshua, as a Father’s Day gift right before he moved out to … More Saving Starfish

A Daily Memorial

A memorial is something designed to preserve the memory of a person or an event, as a monument or a holiday. Popular physical forms of memorials include landmark objects or art objects such as sculptures, statues or fountains, and even entire parks. Pictured above is the Murmansk Memorial Lighthouse. It is located on a hill … More A Daily Memorial