From Beacon to Columbarium

One of the most valuable improvements contributed by modern technology is in the area of communications. As a result, many of the devices we grew up with have been either significantly upgraded or rendered totally obsolete. Sadly enough, lighthouses are no exception. Once hailed as the "Saviors of the Sea," many of these iconic structures … Continue reading From Beacon to Columbarium

Light Attracts – Part 2

What's Attracting You? Are you familiar with Manhattanhenge? This event, also known as Manhattan Solstice, is a breathtaking phenomenon that occurs twice a year when the setting sun aligns with the streets that run east to west on the Manhattan (NYC) street grid. The city that never sleeps undoubtedly has numerous spectacular attractions and this … Continue reading Light Attracts – Part 2

Light Attracts – Part 1

Who Are You Attracting? Ever since structural lighthouses first appeared, the most famous one of antiquity dates back to 280 B.C., they have become the center of attraction for countless aficionados as well as passersby who just happen to spot them from afar. Whether young or old, professional or unskilled, artistic or uncreative, people from all … Continue reading Light Attracts – Part 1

A Million Dollars to Shine

During the late 18th century importing and exporting commodities by sea was not only in high demand, but it became one of the riskiest forms of intercontinental commerce. Frequent shipwrecks due to low or no visibility were responsible for the loss of precious life and valuable cargo. This created the need for a navigational system … Continue reading A Million Dollars to Shine

In Danger of Collapse

This is The Nottawasaga Lighthouse, aka The Collingwood Lighthouse. It is located on Nottawasaga Island in Ontario and it is one of six imperial towers built on Lake Huron by the Canadian government. Erected in 1856, it stands ninety-five feet above shore level. The damaged exterior was caused by several lightning strikes and subsequent water infiltration. Back … Continue reading In Danger of Collapse

Keeper Of The Light

All buildings and towers require some form of Preventive Maintenance (PM). PMs ensure that equipment and facilities are kept in satisfactory operating condition and because they are key to avoiding breakdowns or malfunctions, they must be scheduled periodically. However, back in the days when lighthouses were powered by oil lamps and clockwork mechanisms, Preventive Maintenance … Continue reading Keeper Of The Light