What’s in a Shadow? (Pt. 2)

"How sweetly you bring light. You're the ray of the sun and I'm the shade of a shadow"  - Shade of a Shadow by Teitur From mythology to astrology and folklore to Psychology shadows inspire a variety of symbolisms. Because a shadow is associated with darkness it often represents something evil. However, since a shadow cannot … Continue reading What’s in a Shadow? (Pt. 2)

Haunted Lighthouses

A lighthouse is fascinating in general, but add a little eerie twist to its history and it becomes an even more interesting conversation piece especially for those who like mystery and suspense. One quick internet search will reveal hundreds of stories about "haunted" lighthouses. However, in light of Scriptures, they are nothing more than sensational stories … Continue reading Haunted Lighthouses

The Church is a Lighthouse

This is the beautiful St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse in Malorichenske, Ukraine. It was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, patron saint of sailors, and was built as a tribute to the memory of sailors, fishermen and travelers who have been victims of the sea. The building includes a museum with a memorial wall that holds the nameplates of … Continue reading The Church is a Lighthouse

Spiritual Blackouts

Have you ever been in a blackout? I was born and raised in the Carribean (St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands) where crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, exotic fruits and vegetables, and hot summer days that are cooled down by the evening's gentle trade winds come together to paint what appears to be a picture-perfect paradise. And … Continue reading Spiritual Blackouts