A Reflection of You

Reflection is the change in direction of light at an interface between two different media so that it returns into the medium from which it originated.  Light reflected from a smooth surface produces a clear (mirrored) image. This is called specular reflection. In the image above, the surface of the still lake is smooth enough for … More A Reflection of You

Standing Alone

Whether at the top of a hill, at the edge of a headland, or on a rocky island in the middle of the sea a lighthouse is built to stand tall and to weather all climatological challenges. It can do this simply because its designer knows exactly what it will come against. It is built … More Standing Alone

His Light is Our Light

Darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. You cannot have total darkness if even a speck of light is present. Darkness can never overcome light. However vast darkness may appear, light will always triumph over it. We are able to see because light (electromagnetic radiation) interacts with matter allowing the human eye to … More His Light is Our Light

Faith, A Strong Tower

  Strength, one of the many symbolisms of a lighthouse. Built to last and withstand high winds and powerful waves, a lighthouse’s foundation is just as important as the materials used to construct it. Our faith is a strong tower made with bricks of prayer, worship, and the reading of Scripture, but it must be … More Faith, A Strong Tower